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We are back, but you need to book in

Booking System is OPEN (search for Didcot)

Sign up, first come first served

Tuesday: Long and short Route available each week from Cornerstone

AND Interval session at the Clumps with Dan

Thursday: Interval session at the Clumps with a Run Leader

Tuesdays plan so far.....

Pacing groups options as a key runner, not necessary a run leader (groups of 6/ 12)

Staggered starts, possibly 18:50/19:00/19:10 over the coming weeks

Each week will be dependant on members booked in, this week we are planning on GWP, wide open pathways.

We would rely on members each week to “lead a pace” ideas for pace 7 & 8/9 &10/11 min mile (paces will differ from week to week and will be managed by the run leaders and committee.

Once the session sets off; you are welcome to pair up to allow you to know the route; please keep socially distanced.

Venue: Cornerstone

Routes to be announced as per usual, long and short to encourage social distancing.

We are also offering an additional interval session on a Tuesday at the Clumps with Dan and 11 members see below in more details (this will allow more runners to get back into running and also split the club up more over the the week)

Thursdays plan so far.....

will be 11 members plus one run leader. (this week Annaleise is running the session)

Possibly two run leaders per session to split the group (managed weekly depending on sign up)

Venue : Wittenham clumps for summer until September. Cornerstone thereafter.

Cornerstone is not open yet and won’t be opened for at least the next 6 weeks, so there will be no facility for toilets or the key tin. Your belongings are your own responsibility.

Dependent on session, we may change venues week after week, Cornerstone, park run start, GWP. This will be advertised on the club calender and on the RunTogether booking system.

After each session, we advise that you leave to go home as quickly as possible and not remain in bigger groups, hanging around at the venue:

Sessions will be advertised and managed on RunTogether; this will act as our register and also a test and trace contact (if needed)

We can’t guarantee your health against Coronavirus, you will all run at your own risk.

Any other comments, please, please let us know

We are all on a learning curve and are very happy to hear your comments and suggestions to keep you all safe.

EA guidance

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