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Oxfordshire Cross Country League - Winter

We’re extremely proud of our cross-country teams at Didcot Runners and have been going from strength to strength over recent years; but please do not let that put you off joining in if you do not consider yourself a cross-country superstar – it really is for everyone! Famed and increasingly emulated across the county for our “Didcot Wave” to cheer on our runners, envied by teams for the wide variety of cakes at every race and a safe place for runners of all abilities, cross-country is excellent fun, though sometimes it may not feel it at the time as you hurry through driving rain and slog up another hill.

The details of the races are similar each year and the best place to look for the most up-to-date course info is, but briefly the format follows these rules:

  1. First Sunday of the months November to March

  2. Distances 8 to 9 km for all adults, 6 km for U17, 4.5 km for U15

  3. Cost £20 for all five races, reducing by £4 for each subsequent race

  4. You must run in the official “Didcot Runners” club vest

  5. Bring a cake and a mug (okay, not a rule, just a wonderful thing to do!)

As always, the cross-country coordinator must register you a week before the race, so don’t dally to make up you mind, transfer the money to the Didcot Runners bank account when asked (the same one that you used for the membership fee) and you’ll be joining an illustrious list of runners to have run under the Didcot Runners flag!

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