Didcot Runners Club Championship

The Didcot Runners Club Championship is a season-long competition, rewarding club members for performances in the numerous and varied races competed in. If you have any ideas for club races contact secretary.didcotrunners@gmail.com


Dates and Rules of the current championship will be advertised through general e-mail and on the website.


  • All competitors must be a paid member of the Club (First Claim).  You must run in the Club colours (except if you are running for a charity). 

  • Each competitor is responsible for entering their races and abiding by the rules and decisions of the race organisers. 

  • Positions will be awarded based on chip times where applicable.  The individual result will be taken directly from the race result’s list (usually online). 

  • Results will be based on Age Grading (%).  Age Grading is based on World Record of the appropriate gender.

  • Only 8 races (8 best results) out of 15 will be counted for the Club Championship. Average of Age Grading will be calculated based on these 8 races. 

  • To qualify to be a Championship Winner, you have to run at least 8 races (from 5K to Marathon).

  • If a race is cancelled, a new one might be added by the Championship Coordinator.  Any issues will be discussed with the Club Committee. 

  • Photos of the runner taken during each race may be displayed on the Club website.


  • Trophy awarded to the first runner based on Age Grading.  

  • Prize delivered to each runner who performed at least 8 races.

  • Special prize if a runner run all races (15) or eventually for the runner who run the most of races.


  • The scoring system for the Championship will be based on an Age Grading system. 

  • The calculation will be based on the results provided by this website: https://www.arrs.run

2021 Didcot Runners Championship results