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1. Running Makes You Fitter

2. Running Can Help You Manage Your Physical Development

3. Running Is Brilliant For Your Mental Health

4. Running Is A Great Way To Meet Up With Friends And Make New Ones

5. Running Provides Motivational Targets For Your Exercise

6. Boosts Focus, Discipline And Self Esteem

7. Running Helps You Explore New Places

Build Speed,Endurance,Stamina and work on your  coordination in a range of sessions achieving technical goals.Learning new skills, drills and improve your fitness and gain strength and have fun along the way in a safe environment.


Come and give us a FREE trial for a month (register on and then sign up for all year round training with England Athletics Affiliation Priced at £27 per year aimed at Young Adults (12-17 years) 

Training will be held at Willowbrook,Bowmont Water, OX117AF)


19:00 - 20:00 on Monday

 Register your interest through our club coach via the Contact Us on our Homepage

Any queries with payments , please us know so we can help.




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