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Ridgeway 86miles 2022: Sam

Congratulations to Sam who took the Didcot Runners place and ran the 86 miles of the Ridgeway Challenge over the bank holiday weekend. He was his typical cool and understated self when he arrived at our South Stoke checkpoint and went on to complete the event in 21hours 05minutes and became only the 6th Didcot Runner to complete the course. He was the first of the 10 am starters to finish and was 19th overall out of the 86 athletes!

We get a free place each year due to the fabulous efforts of the running club members who provide hot, home cooked food and a welcoming reception for the wearisome runners. Special thanks to Jeremy and Adela for some top notch chili, Kate for a wonderful pasta bake (and keeping the the oven fired alongside Comptons Sue), Helen for her much talked about vegan rice pudding, Geoff for his morale boosting flapjacks, Paul G, Ed, and Jean-Luc for keeping an eye on the roads, Miranda and Adela for not letting anyone leave without letting us know, Lucy and Martin from Compton for keeping everywhere clean, Paul O'C for forensically scrubbing the dishes and Dan for having every runners bag ready as they arrived. 

If you are keen to have a pop at the event in 2023, put your name forward to Mike.

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