Understanding the ease of lockdown

The Committee are undertaking webinars to gain knowledge on how to best open the club up again, safely for all our members. (Risk assessment, social distancing, group numbers, venue)

Our next committee meeting is 22nd June, if anything moves forwards beforehand, we will discuss and make decisions as a team and share with you all.

See EA article below regarding the start of new rules

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Brand new Juniors section starting in Didcot, tell everyone that needs to know: limited spaces available. Starting Monday 9th May at 19:00, email our club secretary for more information

All sessions will be available on the RunTogether page to book your slot, all routes and sessions will be on the club calender. We cant wait to see you all back again.

Friday 29th January at 19:00, bring your own buffet and lets see what we have achieved this year as a club and what we have to look forward to in 2021 - see email, Facebook for Zoom invite and agenda