Introducing your committee:

Geoff Jackson


Geoff Jackson

Geoff is our Club President. He is an inspiration to us all, being an active runner at the club nights whether it is a mileage run or strength/stamina session, championship races and recently conquering an Ultra run, running for 24hrs. (signed up for this year too). Geoff holds this honorary position within the club and he acts as the club’s representative at all internal and external functions. He is a member of the committee and contributes to the general standard of the club, providing advice and assistance to other sub committees throughout the year. 





Theresa Lamble

Theresa is our Chair, she is responsible for the ultimate achievement of the strategic ambitions of the club as well as the overall management of its operational activities.  She leads the committee and is responsible for ensuring that we adhere to England Athletics and UKA regulations and represents the club to external bodies . Theresa provides direction for the club by effective leadership and management. Monitoring and evaluating the progress of agreed actions.  She will manage other Club Officers to ensure the delivery of their responsibilities, ensuring the club structure and responsibilities.  Theresa works in close liaison with the Committee and Club Secretary setting the agenda for meetings and ensure it is in line with the club, England Athletics and UKA policies.  She will act as a mediator in the event that disagreements arises. Speak to her about volunteering opportunities, suggestions for the club and any decisions you would like to refer to the committee email


Kate Coney

Kate  is our Club Secretary. She manages, processes and maintains a record of all incoming and outgoing correspondence and club documents. In addition, she records the deliberations and decisions of the club committee.  Publishing minutes and keeping a record of high standards the clubs movments.  She is responsible for the day to day business and administration of the club.  Contact her on 


Alan Murphy

Alan is our Treasurer of the club – he maintains the integrity and accurate recording of the club’s financial position. He looks after our budget and prepares our financial statement which he reports to the committee on a monthly basis.  Speak to Alan if you have a sponsorship or funding proposal on


Membership Secretary 

Claire Jones is our Membership Secretary. She processes your membership application, manages the club’s subscription renewal process and maintains an up-to-date list of all club members to report to the committe on a monthly basis. Claire is Admin for the Facebook page too to ensure fully paid up members have access.. If you have any queries about membership you can speak to her but if you just want to join download the form on the website and  Contact her on


Championship Co Ordinator - Jean- Luc Coudret

Jean- Luc is our Championships Co-ordinator, Jean- Luc will draw up a list of Club Championship races after consultation with Club members including various race distance options, ranging from 5km to ulta distance.  Jean - Luc will draw up the rules aswell as communicate the information to all members.  Jean - Luc will actively encourage members to take part and will record results and post them regularly.  Jean- Luc will work alongide other committee member and organise prizes for all catergories. If you know of any local races that you feel the club could use as the Championship races, please let him know so it can be considered at


Cross Country Co Ordinators 

 Mike Suggate 

The coordinator will be responsible for registering Didcot Runners teams in the Oxford Mail League Cross Country championships,  ensuring annual fees for the Club’s inclusion in the cross country championships are paid up in good time in readiness for the season.  The coordinatow ill be actively motivating members to attend Cross country and wil advertise via social media to the club members. The Cross Country is a winer championship and is great motivation in the winter months, Club standings will be notified to all members and trophies will be organised for all catergories. Once the season ends, the coordinaor will attend the Oxford Mail Cross Country League AGM and will update the committee of any changes due for the folliowing season. Contact the cross country co-ordinator at


Social Secretary 

Chris Moffatt is our Social Secretary. Chris will be organising social events post championship races other events including Ice Skating, Theatre Trips, Annual Bake off, Christmas Do and any other trips of interest that may meet the needs and requests of members aswell as dealing with venues and collects monies, working with a sub-committee where needed. Chris also promotes our club social events via email and social media to encourage as many members as possible to come. email him on


Wellbeing Officers (Female and Male)

Female Postion -Miranda

Male: Daniel Fisher 

The Wellbeing Officers are responsible for the safety of members and suitability of routes. We have a female and male officer available on the committee. They will be working together to inspect routes and write risk assessments where appropriate. They will be your first point of contact for wellbeing issues or concerns with club members.  The Wellbeing Officers will provide regular reminders to all members and guest runners about keeping safe during runs.

For Female: email            For Alan: email


Didcot 5 Sub-committee


Sarah Rogers is our Didcot 5 Race Director, . she, along with their sub-committee,Miranda, Adela and Theresa organise the Didcot 5 and represent the club to other race/league organisers. Contact if you have any proposals for sponsorship or would like to be involved in the ever-growing annual event or if you want to help on the day.

Beginners Sub-committee

Ian Robinson                              

Ian Robinson run our beginners sessions with our qualified run leaders,. Organising the paperwork and the sessions to a high standard ensuring new runners are made to feel welcome and inclusive to the group and to the rest of the club. If you are interested and would like more information please email or visit the Didcot Beginners Group Facebook page.

TailRunner Co-Ordinator

Chris Moffatt will take on the role of organising the Tail Runners. (photo to follow,  if you would like to volunteer for the tailrunner role email on

Coaches and Run Leaders at the club.


                            Lisa Herbert                    Ian Robinson                                Theresa Lamble                          Robert Sharp       

Alan Murphy                                         Miranda Habermel    


             Louise Hill                                                 Chris Moffatt        

Due to take qualifications in the future: To be confirmed

If you have a qualification that you feel would be beneficial to other members, maybe it has run out and needs renewal, please contact 

If you have any future queries, please contact or